Terms and Conditions

To avail the professional services of Law Essay Writing, adherence to the following terms and conditions is necessary. Whether you are hiring our service for law papers, essays, assignment writing or buying our custom writing services, you will have to take into account our terms and conditions; otherwise, you won’t be able to seek our help. It is, therefore, necessary to read these conditions carefully to avoid any inconvenience in future. We assume that our customer has read and understood them carefully and therefore, we expect professionalism and adherence to terms and conditions from their side. Make sure to get a know-how of our terms and conditions before making any deal with us. It will save you and us both from any uncertain situation.

Our company is well-known for providing superior quality legal essays, assignments, dissertations, research papers and other custom writings. Our professionally trained, skilful writers and our flawless services make us stand out from the crowd. We have designed some terms and conditions that everyone associated with our company is bound to follow to carry on our business activities with responsibility.

Mode of Communication

We communicate and conduct all the dealing through electronic communication modes, i.e. emails, live chat, or telephone. We deliver all information related to the deal to your submitted and verified email id through an email. The order is also delivered through email. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure healthy, enough internet connection and accessibility. We are not responsible for any kind of delay in the transmission of information or delivery of the order due to poor internet connection or accessibility issues from the customers’ side. We are only responsible for the delay that is occurred due to any issue from our sides like power breakdown or connectivity errors.

Method of Payment

Payment of the service fee through a safe and secure medium is an essential matter of concern. It requires extreme carefulness and a sense of responsibility to make the flow of payments smooth and convenient for both parties. To ensure transparency and security, we conduct the receipt of service charges through electronic transactions. All transactions of exchange of money take place in UK pounds only. To make it clear, we only accept payments in UK pounds. After completing the order, you have to make full payment as directed at booking the order. In the case of instalments, you should strictly follow the guidelines provided to you when finalizing the order. When the customer has made the complete payment, we get a confirmation email from the online payment merchant. We also send an email to the customer after receiving complete payment. We ensure that all legal aspects are undertaken and considered with keen responsibility in the entire payment process.

Contact Information

Although we have provided a detailed guide about our company and services on our website if any of our customers want to have more information about us he may contact us through the contact details provided on the website. Our team will respond and serve you. We only correspond through the modes mentioned on the website and do not have any other phone number or email id. We should not stand responsible for any misinformation or damage caused to any party by any sources other than mentioned on our website. Do not respond to any email or message that uses our name but is not supported by us. Otherwise, we shall not be held responsible for any mishap.


We hold the exclusive copyrights of every document prepared by our writers: essay, assignment, research paper, dissertation, or any other law paper. The client is allowed to use this document as a source of reference to develop his own document, but he can not get the paper prepared by us published with his name. If done so, we may take serious action according to the copyright act.

Reservation of Clients’ Files

Our company does not take any responsibility for keeping our clients’ writings saved for them. We may maintain our personal records but do not provide this facility to our clients. It is the client’s responsibility to keep all the documents and files appropriately saved. Once delivered to the customer, we are inclusive of all responsibilities of security and storage of the files. We also do not compensate in case of deletion of filed once delivered to customers. We do not entertain any claim in this regard. The customer becomes the sole responsible for the safety and security of files after our team’s order delivery.

Preferred and Premium Writers

We have two categories of writers on the basis of their qualification, experience and expertise. The features of both category writers are non-refundable. It is the customers’ choice to choose from which writers he wants to get his work done. Preferred writers have less experience of writing as compared to our premium writers. Premium writers are incredibly experienced and experts in their fields. The rates of both categories of writers vary that is stated at the time of order. It would be best if you choose wisely as per your need as this decision cannot be reversed.

Confidentiality Policy

When a user visits our website, some information is automatically stored in our service about the user. This information includes Internet Protocol IP address, Operating system, date and time, internet browser version and current location of the user. This information is later used for improving our customer services. We ensure that the user’s personal information is adequately secured and not leaked to any other party. However, if you do not want to share your information with us, you can disable browser cookies before visiting our website. This way, our server will not store your information, but it may also restrict your access to our website.

Personal Information

At the time of order placement and confirmation, we ask for some information from the customer. It includes his name, email id and contact number. This information is essential for further operations, and we are responsible for handling the client’s personal information securely. If you are not comfortable disclosing your original name, you may use any name of your choice, but the email id and contact number should be correct to ensure smooth delivery of your order. We shall not be responsible for any misconduct that happened due to the customer’s incorrect information or contact details. We may use your contact number and email id to keep you updated about our offers and discounts in the future. You can unsubscribe from this feature by sending us an email.