Revision Policy believes in authenticity and methods for maintaining a company that helps. To maintain excellence, we make terms and conditions, and we also keep some policies to keep things on track. We want to keep the hopes of originality alive for the students to trust our services and return satisfied with the work we do for the students.

The services that our company provides to its customers are crafted very carefully, and a lot of effort is put into it. We never want our efforts to go to waste, and it happens when our clients are not satisfied with the work. But as humans and the world are pacing so quickly, it is not astonishing that a mistake can occur even in such perfection in work. The error can be from your side or side, so we have also planned out the solution for it, and it is our free unlimited revisions, and for that, we have some policies.

The policy contains several terms that our customers and our authorities have to understand and follow. You must read this policy very carefully to be aware of the things you may have questions about later. So we have cleared everything here. The revision policy may vary according to consequences; be that as it may, we have made every succession after discussing and confirming it to our team. We understand the situations that a student is in, and we know it; that is why we are offering free and unlimited revisions. These revisions have been like the cherry on top for the students who ordered their assignments here, so we think that it is the best decision that we have made to provide the students.

So here is the revision policy that is vital for all customers to have a look at:

  • If you have not made any request for revision for 180 days from the day we delivered your paper, we will accept this as a successful order completed from our side
  • All of your work will be completed according to the instructions you have provided us. Nothing out of the instruction will be added, so if you find something not present in your paper, consider checking your slit of the requirements you provide us
  • The revisions will be free of cost so that you can check your paper without any issues
  • If you need a different writer to make changes to your paper, it will cost you extra charges and an extended time. It is so that the new writer can check the information for changing it
  • If you have extra requested words from 250 to 5000, they will have a multi-day length after the work is delivered, and the customer will be charged accordingly
  • After the revision request, the orders that have a deadline of 24 hours will have 6 to 12 hours of making changes in the paper
  • All the revisions will take about 3 to 4 days to be completed
  • You will not receive any updates on Sunday or a public holiday

Please ensure that you take steps according to the policy; otherwise, your revision request will not be acceptable.